Visual explanation of Roller Derby

As well as the playing skaters, there's a host of other participants involved in a game of roller derby, from the skating Referees to the Non-Skating Officials.

REFEREES (skating)

Head Referee
Inside Pack Referee
Jammer Referees x2
Outside Pack Referees


Penalty Tracker
Penalty Wrangler
Penalty Whiteboard Operator
Jam Timer
Scoreboard Operator
Penalty Box Manager
Penalty Box Timer
Lineup Tracker


Roller Derby originally began in 1935 in  Chicago USA... it was a very different sport back then, played on a banked track but if you'd like to know more about it's history then visit RollerDerbyHallOfFame. There are hundreds of great vintage images to be found and there's even old film footage you can watch! Roller Derby in it's current flat track form in the UK, started forming in 2006 and while still a full-contact sport, is now more sophisticated and has been growing ever since.