As Willy Wonka    once wisely said..."If  the good Lord had intended us to walk, he wouldn't have invented roller skates".    

So here is a list of places you can get your kit, it's not a definitive list and it's not an endorsement of any of these suppliers, it's just to get you started...

Momma Trucker Skates.

We're lucky to have this SouthWest bricks & mortar shop in Exeter and owned by a Roller Derby skater and coach, so of course there's a special focus in there just for Derby! Skates, protective equipment, apparel and skatey-goodies can be found here, including starter sets and 2nd-hand skates. Momma Trucker Skates often bring a pop-up stall to ours and other South West events. Check out their website or follow on FaceBook.

Double Threat Skates.

Another bricks & mortar shop frequented by some of the PCRD crew, in London and owned and run by some very cool Roller Derby skaters. Everything you could possibly need, also starter sets. Check out their website or follow on FaceBook

As with Momma Truckers, going to a shop where you can get your feet measured and talk to a Derby skater is best, because some brands fit wider feet and others fit narrower feet.

UK Roller Derby Recyclables

Here is a group worth joining FaceBook and sell from a huge variety of 2nd-hand kit. Some of it's barely used and some of it's well-used so choose carefully, it's advisable to buy only new helmets. You'll find high quality pads used just a few times, skates, boots only or just the plates and lots of wheels! Some people sell separate items and some people sell an entire starter kit under one price tag. Try someone else's skates on first if you can, different brands size differently.

Roller Derby City

Owned and run by one of PCRD's own members, Plymouth based Roller Derby City is the place where many teams across the country and beyond get their team uniforms  designed and printed, but they also sell cool T-shirts, hoodies, sleeveless-hoodies and vests.