Media Students make this sweet video for us!

This week was the names-out-of-a-hat draw from a number of self-elected leagues, to decide which of them would be hosting the 2018 Bout Against Cancer and the winner is.............. Congratulations CORNWALL ROLLER DERBY we look forward to joining you there!

Which leads me nicely into showing you this video short given to us by a team of media students from Plymouth College of Art, who spent a few hours filming at our own successful BAC event which took place in November 2017 - read about it here.

Team leader Amy Duffy said,

"I really wanted to capture the energy and main events within the day. Thank you and the roller derby team also for giving us this opportunity to create something for you guys."

Some of the team came to one of our training sessions to find out a bit more about us and what the action might be like, they took test shots and light metre readings and did a good job of liaising with us in advance. The full team who worked with us on the day were: Amy .M. Duffy, Matt Baker, Layla Brenton and Amber Nicholls.

Thanks guys and good luck in your future careers.

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