What now...?

.....but only temporarily!

As with all indoor activities and events which involve gatherings of people at close quarters, our wonderful sport has been temporarily sidelined in the interests of safety while the world deals with the Global Pandemic Covid19 Coronavirus. Because Roller Derby is a full-contact sport it is likely to be one of the last social activities to be released from restrictions. We were very sad by the inevitable cancellation by the UK Roller Derby Association of the UK Champs 2020 series which would have been the first Champs for some of PCRDs freshest graduates, alongside a new bench coach and line-up manager. PCRD's in-house referee was also reffing in this series (not shown in the photograph above).

Also, it is with great disappointment, that our current intake of Rookies on our newly re-vamped program, have had to pause their training just a quarter of the way through. We also had plans for a 2nd intake to begin in September, with Taster Sessions planned for late July.....whether this will still go ahead or not, remains to be seen... We are committed to ensuring that the current, paused intake are able to resume or restart their training before we begin a new intake.

PCRD members have been keeping in touch with each other regularly through social activities such as pub quizes and get-togethers, but also discussing what future plans for the team, training and new intakes might entail. As soon as we have a clearer picture of the future we will be able to start making solid plans, which we will of course be able to share with you. Stay tuned to our Face Book page for updates as they happen.

In the meantime, if you are thinking of coming to join us, watch us, help us or sponsor us, then take a look at the "Useful Derby Info" sections at the top of our website, where you can find pages on "What is Roller Derby", "Where to Buy Kit", "Great Roller Derby Websites" and "Places to Skate".

Take care everyone and we hope to see you soon!

From PCRD.

Team photo credit: John Baker from his FaceBook Album "Plymouth City Roller Derby v London Rockin' Rollers" 2020 British Champs season,

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